Special Needs App of the Day: Look2Learn

Special Needs App of the Day: Look2Learn

Many parents of nonverbal children are familiar with the term AAC, or augmentive and alternative communication. AAC devices can cost hundreds of dollars, which is why many parents are turning to iPad apps as a reasonable alternative. Look2Learn is an AAC that allows users to communicate their wants and needs.

Look2Learn is an extremely user-friendly app, and it was created under the idea that many AAC devices are too complicated to use or do not include customizable functions. With Look2Learn, users are able to record their own audio to accompany high-quality photos. The app also allows you to adjust the size of the picture for individuals with fine motor or visual challenges.

For those individuals who need fewer choices, pictures can be hidden, and images can also be added as necessary. The user can also select “I need” instead of “I want.” The app also includes categories, such as snacks, meals, indoor play, outdoor play, basic needs, and emotions.

Look2Learn also includes a vocal component, so it gives children with communication difficulties a voice. The developers worked towards a voice that is not so robotic, as is typical with many AAC devices.

Look2Learn was created by teachers, speech therapists, and school psychologists with experience educating individuals with communication challenges. Look2Learn is useful for children with autism spectrum disorders or those children with speech and language disorders. It is an exceptionally user-friendly app, and the Look2Learn website also includes an instruction manual and assessment to help teach you how to use it or show you a function you might not have noticed.

Look2Learn is available for iPad and iPhone for $14.99.

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