Special Needs App of the Day: Over in the Ocean

Special Needs App of the Day: Over in the Ocean

Over in the Ocean: In a Coral Reef is a counting and sing-along book come to life. As an interactive app for the iPad, children can poke and jiggle ocean animals and watch them swim and dart around the screen. Through the touch and auditory features of the app, children get a multi-sensory learning experience.

Choose between “Read to Me,” “Read to Myself,” and “Sing to Me” for differing levels of user independence. The illustrations are incredibly detailed and lively, and it is sure to keep a child engaged.

The app teaches about sea animals through the interactions with the user. For example, tapping a pufferfish will make him “puff,” and the octopus squirts black ink. After an introduction to all the baby animals, children are asked to play a counting game with them. The app also includes real-life images of the animals along with a fact sheet about the different species. Meant to encourage a deeper understanding and appreciation for life on Earth, Over in the Ocean provides many opportunities for learning experiences with factual information.

It’s a story that can be repeated and read many times, and children will even begin to learn the song and sing along with the “Sing to Me” option. Both the narration and singing is backed by music and ocean sounds.

Learning is fun and interactive, and Over in the Ocean certainly exemplifies that notion. Critically acclaimed by Teachers with Apps, this app is sure to please many classrooms and children.

Over in the Ocean from Dawn Publications is available in the App Store for $3.99 and is compatible with iPad.

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