Special Needs App of the Day: Phonics Genius

Special Needs App of the Day: Phonics Genius

Alligator Apps is an educational app designer dedicated to helping your child succeed. Their apps teach children to learn how to read, write, and speak, and they introduce math and problem solving techniques. Their Phonics Genius app is one of many apps to teach phonics, but it is one of the most comprehensive phonics apps available.

Phonics Genius includes over 6,000 words grouped by phonics sound, so it is fully loaded to teach your child about phonics. The app includes several pages through which you can scroll and find the particular sound you want to work on. You can work on sounds as well as the beginning and ending of words.

The sounds are alphabetized, so it is easy to find the sound you want to work on. You can also make some sounds your “favorites” or turn on the “shuffle” function for a surprise.

As your child is in the learning stages, he will hear the audio as the text of the word is displayed. You can also choose to view the words only, and you can get the audio by clicking on the audio icon on each card. Phonics Genius includes five games modes to choose from, so children can listen to identify a correct word from groups of two, three, four, five, or six words.

Within the app, you can select preferred capitalization, such that words are all upper case, all lower case, or the first letter is capitalized. You can also adjust the font color and size. Phonics Genius also allows you to customize the flashcards, and you can add your own voice to each card.

Alligator Apps suggests making each game fun — if your child is not having fun, stop the game and come back to it later. Even short games of just a minute can help teach something new to your child.

The best news? Phonics Genius is free and available for iPhone and iPad.

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