Special Needs App of the Day: ReacTickles

Special Needs App of the Day: ReacTickles

ReactTickles Magic is interactive software designed for children on the autism spectrum. This app uses touch, gesture, and audio input to facilitate interactive communication. And what’s even better? It’s free.

ReacTickles’ philosophy is that anyone can use the software without needed prior experience or a particular skill. The app includes music and shapes that can be manipulated by tapping or dragging them across the screen.

ReacTickles was designed as a research project at the University of Wales in Cardiff. It is meant to promote interactive play and learning. The app encourages fine motor skills and other learning principles, and it is also meant to be used as a group activity, so children can work together and communicate with each other. What implications do these features have for the autism community? The researchers suggest that ReacTickles is great for children and adults on the autism spectrum because it can be used as a means of relaxation, and it also teaches cause and effect.

ReacTickles features a variety of shapes and colors, and there are many specific functions and capabilities of the app. You can touch a shape to enlarge it on the screen and watch what happens when it gets too big for the screen. You can move shapes from side to side or flip them to see a new color. Leave a trail of shapes by dragging your finger across the screen. Simply touch the screen for a “shower” of shapes. Move your body or fingers and watch the shapes follow your movements. There are many more “reactickles” the app can make.

ReacTickles is available for iPad (there is another version available for a smart table, if you or your school has one), and it is a free app.

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