Special Needs App of the Day: Smart Speller English

Special Needs App of the Day: Smart Speller English

Smart Speller English from EduKidsApps is not just a spelling app, but it also includes a compelling story to motivate kids to spell. Sunny is sad because he lost his rainbow, but kids can help him find it by spelling words to acquire the seven colors.

The app includes background music and strong auditory features, such as announcing the letters as each block is tapped and naming all the letters and the word once it has been completed by the player.

Smart Speller includes 80 original pictures in seven categories, including:

  • Numbers and Colors
  • Fruit and Vegetables
  • Vehicles
  • Farm Animals
  • Shapes
  • Body Parts

The player taps on an object and spells the word from a group of blocks with a letter on each one. Simply drag the block to the appropriate space at the bottom of the screen. The letter announcement aids learning letter sounds as well as spelling. The words included are commonly used words, so children will learn appropriate and useful vocabulary. The visual and auditory combination of Smart Speller makes it a multi-sensory app.

Smart Speller includes three levels of play; the first level includes hints, the second level does not include hints, and the third level includes extra letters for more challenge. This way, the app follows along with your child as he develops and gains new vocabulary skills.

Smart Speller is compatible with iPad and available for free.

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