Special Needs App of the Day: urTalker Lite

Special Needs App of the Day: urTalker Lite

urTalker Lite is a communication device that gives a voice to non-verbal individuals or those who struggle with speaking.

The app comes with 7 categories and over 150 images, and it also includes the ability for customization, so you can build the app to suit your needs. Each category includes clear text and an image, which provides a visual stimulus, and when you tap on a given picture, a voice speaks the words that accompany the picture.

urTalker Lite also allows you to put items or actions in a sequence, which allows you to learn orders of activities. For example, to explain a series of activities for bedtime routines, you can select events such as bath, brush teeth, clothes, bed, and story. You can rearrange these activities in a different order by clicking and dragging the icon on the screen.

If the app does not include every event you want to include, or if you want to create your own categories, urTalker Lite gives you a user-friendly way to add your own information. In the Settings menu, you can Select “Modify Categories” to make your own category. Give the category a name, select a color, record a sound, and set the category as “default by schedule” (which gives you a chance to schedule the event for a particular day and time).

Also inside the Settings menu of urTalker Lite, you can select “Modify Words” to add words into the category. You can define an icon by selecting one from the urTalker image selection, or you can take your own picture; it can be helpful to use your own photos so the user can really relate the words to their own belongings or places that are familiar.

urTalker Lite is ideal for learning schedules and routines or associating events or things together within a given category. It is an educational device and a way to remind an individual about daily tasks. Additionally, individuals can use the app to express their needs, such as wanting food or a walk.

Many non-verbal individuals can learn to use assistive devices, and many of these tools are very expensive. urTalker Lite was designed to be a more affordable option. With its customizable features, the app can truly be what the user makaes of it. urTalker Lite is designed for iPad and iPhone and costs $24.99.

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