Stop Bullies App is Education and Prevention Mechanism

Stop Bullies App is Education and Prevention Mechanism

Every so often, there comes an app that completely revolutionizes the way we view mobile technology. The iAlertEM Stop Bullies app from Appddiction Studio is that incredible app for 2012 and beyond.

iAlertEM is an app that allows students to anonymously send bullying alerts to school administrators and officials. “It is very easy and functional,” says Tim Porter, CEO of Appddiction Studio. It works by allowing student to send a picture, message, or video, which is then e-mailed to school administrators. Because the tip is sent anonymously, students do not have to be afraid to speak up, and they feel safer.

Porter says he did lots of research and discovered that school administrators were finding out too late about bullying activity, and students were actually posting footage of bullying on YouTube. By the time this information is posted, it’s too late to intervene, and students end up getting hurt. “I wanted to create an app to empower schools to get information in real time,” says Porter. “The schools need to protect the kids.”

In the past, schools seemed to have a policy of “if we don’t know about it, we don’t have to do anything about it.” Texas passed anti-bullying legislation, which is mandating the schools to take action. The schools are excited to start implementing the iAlertEM app, and now the school boards are giving support. The app is being implemented in two schools in San Antonio, but Porter and his team are receiving calls from schools all across the country.

Porter and school administrators realize that 75% or more students have smart phones. Using that technology for anti-bullying initiatives is a logical step in a positive and proactive direction. The iAlertEM app will be implemented before schools start in the fall, so it is ready to be used.

iAlertEM is available now for free download in the App Store. It is free for students, and administrators pay a fee based on the number of students in the school. “We want to make it affordable for schools,” says Porter.

Students will appreciate the anonymous system, so they won’t feel like a “snitch,” or like a bully will target them. When the administrators get the e-mail with the student’s alert, they decide where that information goes, whether it’s the police or other authority; this way the students do not have to worry about where the information goes. The information from the student is also embedded with GPS information, so the school administrators know where the event is taking place, so they can send police or themselves to help stop the situation from going any further. The app also includes an alert to the students to verify the information they are sending is true and accurate.

iAlertEM also includes educational features, so students learn the do’s and don’ts of student bullying. “They have the resources in the palm of their hands,” says Porter. “It’s an education and prevention mechanism.” The Stop Bullies app is also fully customizable, so administrators decide which resources are available to students, so they have pertinent information for their school or city.

For schools to sign up for iAlertEM, visit the iAlertEM Stop Bullies site. Students can download the app for free in the App Store. To get connected and stay updated on the progress of iAlertEM Stop Bullies app follow them on Twitter (@appddictionSTU) and like them on, and keep up with the Appddiction Studio blog.

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