The Truth about Kids with Autism

The Truth about Kids with Autism

In many ways the media has done a great disservice to kids with autism. More often than not, portrayals by the media on the subject tend to be focused on the most heart wrenching scenarios. Nothing good is ever shown about people who have been diagnosed with this condition. This is all very unfortunate because the truth could not be more different.

For instance, there is no truth to the notion that every autistic person is the same. Aside from the difficulty that they sometimes have with social communications, kids with autism are really quite different. In fact, most children with autism are a lot more similar to other children than they are to the special cases that are shown on TV.

Like millions of other kids, they have feelings which they can openly express. They are capable of being hurt and falling in love. This means that they are also able to build long term relationships with their loved ones and families. Many of the kids with autism grow up having friendships that stand the test of time. They can also go on to have happy marriages. Some parents worry about their children being harmed by kids with autism. Although their reasons for concerns are understandable they are hardly justified because there are very few cases of autistic kids with unprovoked violent natures.

However, perhaps the biggest injustice that has been done to kids with autism is the unfair rumor that the condition prevents them from achieving much in life. The irony is that the inverse is actually the case. Because of their special needs, kids with autisms are fortunate enough to view the world in a different way. Their secondary perception often leads to them becoming brighter and more creative. Although not every autistic kid ends up being a savant, a high percentage of them are blessed with very high verbal skills. When this edge is combined with the confidence and positive energy, there is no limit to what they can end up achieving.

There is however one fact that is undeniably true. Kids with autism do require special care and attention especially in their younger years. They also need a lot of love. Because of their unique and special needs, it is important that parents and guardians know how to care for their kids better. Fortunately, they do not have to do this on their own. Visiting a counselor or physician will help.

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